From the recording I Love To Hear The Sounds

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You can use ‘real’ imaginary instruments for this song. For example you could play air guitars, flutes or piano keys. The possibilities are endless! We had so much fun with kitchen instruments!


I am a fine musician I practice every day
And people come from miles around just to hear me play
my silver spoons, my silver spoons
I love to play my silver spoons
Can you hear me play?

2. My frying pan
3. My cookie sheet
4. My crystal glasses,
5. We are fine musicians we practice every day
And if you’d like to join us, we’ll show you the way
Come join us come join us
Come choose a part and join us
Can you hear us play?

Bucky: drums
Ernie: saxophone
Ken: guitar, accordion, silver spoons, frying pans, cookie sheets, crystal glasses
Victor: bass