From the recording I Love To Hear The Sounds

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This is an old ring game – one person is the middle while the others clap in time. The centre person does the shaking and then closes her eyes and twirls around to pick a ‘senorita’ or ‘fine senor’ I use it just as a song for shakers.


We’re going to the market; we’re going to the fair
To see a senorita with flowers in her hair.
So shake it baby, shake it
Shake if you can,
Shake it like a milkshake, and drink it from the can.
Shake it to the bottom, shake it to the top,
Turn around and turn around until I holler STOP!

Bucky: drum
Chris: trumpets
Hannah harmony
John: fiddle
Kathy: shakers
Ken: 12 string guitar, shaker, maracas,
Victor: bass