From the recording I Love To Hear The Sounds

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This song could go up to 100 or more in groups of ten. It could also be used to highlight different players – when each number is named a different player plays. The original chorus was ‘Wasn’t that a band on Sunday morning.’ I changed it to the days of the week to make it not feel like a church song and to make it more inclusive, but I love it either way. It will also be a fun way to learn the days of the week.


There was one, there were two, there were three little angels
There were four, there were five, there were six little angels
There were seven, there were eight, there were nine little angels
Ten little angels in the band!

Wasn’t that a band on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning,
Wasn’t that a band on Thursday morning,
Friday morning in the band.

Ken: National Steel guitar, bass, drums, tambourine harmony
Hannah: harmony
Chris: harmonica