From the recording I Love To Hear The Sounds

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This song used to stop at 6, but it never seemed to be long enough so I added 7, 8, 9, and 10. You may want to tap on your tum or bum where there is a bit more padding! This track was recorded in 1994 for Tickles and Tunes but we have reworked it so that you can sing through it yourself after the vocals end.


When you're one, one, one tap on your thumb, thumb, thumb.
When you're two, two, two tap on you're shoe, shoe, shoe.
When you're three, three, three tap on you're knee, knee, knee.
When you're four, four, four tap on the floor, floor, floor.
When you're five, five, five come on and jive, jive, jive.
When you're six, six, six tap on you're sticks, sticks, sticks.
When you're seven, seven, seven tap up to heaven, heaven, heaven.
When you're eight, eight, eight you'll have to wait, wait, wait.
When you're nine, nine, nine tap on you're spine, spine, spine.
When you're ten, ten, ten begin again, 'gain, 'gain.

Ken: banjo ukulele, bass, bass tambourine, shaker, knees, claves, vibraphone
Nik: guiro