From the recording Say Hello To The Morning

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I came across this old singing game in ‘The Singing Game’ by Iona and Peter Opie. In the original version one child walks around the outside of the circle and chooses someone to swing with who then trades places. This simplified version works well with young children who don’t want to be the only one walking outside the circle. It’s perfect for teaching right and left.


1. Knees up Mary Muffet, [circle to the left]
Knees up Mary Brown,
Knees up Mary Macaroni,
Take your partner’s hand.
2. Swing them by the right hand, [take right hand & turn once around]
Swing them by the left, [same by the left]
Swing them by the right again, [again by the right]
Then let them do the rest. [get ready to circle left again]