From the recording Say Hello To The Morning

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Thanks to the Seeger family for reviving this lovely old song from Texas. I like to sing the silly words and the children shake their shakers along with the choruses.


Old Aunt Dinah went to town
Riding a Billy goat leading a hound,
Chorus: Shake that little foot, Dinah-O,
Shake that little foot, Dinah-O.
2.Hound Dog barked, and the Billy goat jumped,
Set Aunt Dinah straddle of a stump,
3.Sift the meal and save the bran.
Give it to the old cow to make her stand,
4.Old Aunt Dinah she got sick ,
Called for the doctor he came quick.
5.I like sugar in my coffee-o,
They old folks they won't have it, no.