From the recording Say Hello To The Morning

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Make bunny ears with index & middle finger on one hand and a circle with thumb and index finger on the other hand for the hole. Pop bunny through the hole. This fingerplay can also be used with sticks on heads for ears.


Here’s a bunny with ears so funny,
And here’s a hole in the ground.
At the first sound he hears,
He pricks up his ears,
And pops through a hole in the ground .

See The Little Bunny On The Shelf In The Shop
The child stands with her back to you while you wind up an imaginary key in her back. Then she hops away. Another way to do this is to have all the children stand in a circle and turn to the right. They can then wind up the “bunny” in front of them. I learned this is from Sally Jaeger.
See the little bunny on the shelf in the shop,
Wind her up slowly and away she’ll hop!