1. Horsey

From the recording Reaching for The Stars

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Ken Whiteley c 2002 pair-a-dice music SOCAN
Pony songs are always fun. Just make sure that everyone is going in the same direction around the room so that there is less chance for collisions.


Walk horsey walk walk horsey walk
People watch as you pass by
And you hold your head up high
Walk horsey walk

Trot horsey trot, trot horsey trot
Feel the earth beneath your feet
As you’re going down the street
Trot horsey trot

Gallop horsey gallop, gallop horsey gallop
Feel the wind blow in your face
While you move from place to place
Gallop horsey gallop

Run horsey run, run horsey run
I'll hold on tightly to your reins
While we race across the plains
Run horsey run.
Run, Gallop, trot, walk, whoa, horsey whoa.