From the recording Reaching for The Stars

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Kathy Reid-Naiman ©2004
When I was three my parents bought me a beautiful red rocking horse. I rode it and loved it until I was way too big for it. I still have it.


I once had a pony whose name was Maloney
His back it was boney, his legs they were thin
But when he was saddled with reins, bit and bridle
Maloney could gallop as fast as the wind.

Chorus: Galloping galloping over the meadows
Galloping galloping over the plain
Galloping galloping over the rolling hills
and Galloping galloping back home again.

Maloney was red as the sunrise at morning
His mane and his tail were as black as the coal
His eyes were like diamonds that sparkled and twinkled
A horse like Maloney’s more precious than gold. Chorus

The years have passed by and Maloney’s retired
He lives in the stable behind the back door
But when I have children I’ll wash him and paint him
They’ll rock him and ride him and love him once more. Chorus