From the recording Sing The Cold Winter Away

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1.There was an old woman who baked every day
She made gingerbread men, -piled them high on a tray
Once she put one in the oven but something went wrong,
When she opened up the door one jumped out and sang this song:

chorus: Run run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man.
Run run run as fast as you can
you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man.

2. Well, he ran through the kitchen and out the front door
Past the old man in the garden who was doing his chores.
The old man yelled "Stop! You're my lunch! You come back!"
But the Gingerbread man would be nobody's snack. chorus:

3. He ran past a cow grazing in the hay.
The old cow said "I won't let him get away."
But the cow was too slow to get onto the trail
And anybody listening could hear that cookie wail: chorus:

4. He ran through the woods past 3 picnicking bears.
He smelled so scrumptious he just had to be theirs.
They got up to chase him to follow his sweet scent
But he was running too fast and singing as he went: chorus:

5. He ran past some mowers busy at their work.
They said "Did a cookie just run by us or are we going berserk?"
So they put down their mowers cause he smelt so good and sweet
But the Gingerbread man would be nobody's treat! chorus:

6.He ran over hills climbed on mountains and on rocks,
Till he came to a river and a hungry fox.
The fox was so sly he devised a wicked plan
For the crunchy demise of the Gingerbread man.

7. He said, "Do you need some help to get to the other side?
Well hop onto my back and I'll take you for a ride."
So he hopped onto his back, then on his head then on his nose...
The fox flipped him in his mouth and that's the way the story goes.

All of the others gathered round to get a crumb,
But when they got up to the fox they could hear his tummy hum: