From the recording More Tickles and Tunes

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All the little bunnies were sitting on the ground, [children in the center pretending to be bunnies]
They heard the farmer coming but they didn't make a sound. [leader looks around for bunnies]
Hop little bunnies and scurry all around, [hop around ]
Find a rabbit hole and then you hide right underground. [hide behind a grown up]
Spoken: "I think he's gone now." [leader gives the 'All Clear']
So, One by one the bunnies back to the garden hop, [children hop back to the center]
To eat the crispy lettuce and the crunchy carrot tops.
But back came the farmer and he's looking all around, [leader pretends to look for bunnies]
Find a rabbit hole and then you hide back underground. [hop back to hiding place]