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  • Fingerplays   DVD: DVD only
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Fingerplays are a way of telling a story using your hands and fingers to illustrate the words. That is the basic description, but there is so much more happening behind these simple words! When a child watches the actions his mind is working furiously to process and understand the motions. By doing the actions he is exercising his small motor skills, increasing his dexterity and at the same time learning new words and ways to express himself. When a child and a parent learn a fingerplay together, it becomes another wonderful way to interact, share and learn.

  • Most of these fingerplays will appeal to children under 5 years old but some will endure much longer.

Kathy’s ‘FINGERPLAYS’ bring a fabulous repertoire of sing-along, say-along fun right to your fingertips! This is a must have for everyone who has, works with or loves young children. Kathy Reid-Naiman is a master of the form and with grace & good humor, shows 32 fingerplays close-up that will delight young children, parents, teachers, librarians and the young at heart. Cathy Fink, Children’s Music GRAMMY ® Award winner Total running time: 44 minutes

MDVD01 ISBN 978-0-9877239-0-1

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