When It's Autumn: CD and Digital Download
  • When It's Autumn: CD and Digital Download
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Changing leaves, Turkeys and Jack-O-Lanterns! There is a chill in the air, but warmth in our singing as we sing about Thanksgiving, Halloween, falling leaves and animals preparing for winter. Songs, rhymes and dances that are perfect for young children.

Produced by Ken Whiteley, Canada’s foremost producer of children’s music; including Raffi and Fred Penner, this recording sparkles with songs from the most colourful season.

“When It’s Autumn”, features Kathy Reid-Naiman: vocals, banjo-ukulele, tenor ukulele, Ken Whiteley: Autoharp, bass harmonica, guitars - acoustic, electric, classical and National steel, jaw harp, lap steel, mandolin, organ, percussion including shakers, Srutti box tambourines, woodblocks, boit-a bois, maracas and red backed boinger, piano, snare, tenor banjo, ukulele and washtub bass, Arnie Naiman: banjo, Hannah and Jesse Naiman: harmony vocals , Ben Whiteley: double bass, Chris Whiteley: harmonica and trumpet and John Showman: fiddle M1301

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